Faces and Stories

Hanuš Bader

Who knows whose ashes they were The life story of one of the few Holocaust survivors from Pacov who went through the Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps as well as Schwarzheide labour camp.

Věra Ledererová

The woman who escaped the death march to Bergen-Belsen The story of Věra Ledererová who survived deportation to concentration and labour camps and hid in Košetice near Pacov after escaping from Germany.

Jaroslav Lustig

The only surviving member of the family You can read the story of Lukavec-born Jaroslav Lustig, whose wife and son died in the Theresienstadt family camp in Auschwitz-Birkenau, here.

Leopold Pachner

All his friends kept coming up to greet him The story of Pacov native and Holocaust survivor Leopold Pachner according to his granddaughter Zuzana Lehner and the stories told by her mother Františka Adamová.

Hugo Jokl

Dr. Hugo JoklHe taught well, enjoyed teaching, and kept teaching even in retirement Ms Věra Chudáčková recalls her father, the high-school professor, educationist, translator, and Holocaust survivor Hugo Jokl.

Nelly Prezmah

We got on really well with everyone Nelly Prezmah née Guttmannová (90) recalls her childhood in Pacov before World War II, the transportation of local Jewish residents to concentration camps, and her return to Czechoslovakia after the war. Read the rest of the interview here.

and the others

Fragments of lives of the Pacov Jews who died during the Holocaust. Partial portraits and mentions as found in documents and told by witnesses.

More Stories of the Pacov Jewish Community

Local historian Jan Zoubek wrote an informative article in 1934 with colourful anecdotes about the local community: History of the Jews in Pacov.