Structural survey confirms poor condition of synagogue

A floor probe conducted during the structural survey.

A floor probe conducted during the structural survey.

The Brno company Průzkumy staveb conducted a structural survey of the former Pacov synagogue on 20th November 2019 as part of the preparations for an emergency action. The survey was done in order to assess overall conditions of the masonry, flooring, and roof of the synagogue as well as the composition of an additional ferroconcrete ceiling structure installed in the 1960s. A thorough inspection was necessary here and the results are valuable, although not exactly uplifting.

The synagogue was unused and neglected in recent years if not decades and is therefore in serious disrepair bordering on structurally unsound. While the foundations are most likely fine, the survey probes have revealed high humidity in the perimeter walls (caused by rainwater seeping, leakage from faulty eaves and holes in the roof, and water vapours condensing under the concrete floor laid after the war, among others). Moreover the survey confirmed the plastering is in poor condition, ornamental gable brick- and plasterwork is damaged, and rafters are in extremely serious disrepair including imminent danger of partial breakage and collapse. Roof tiling is altogether lacking in places and the roof is leaking.

The survey shows that it is necessary to repair the roof, remove plasterwork damaged by moisture, insulate and wateproof the building, remove the concrete floor, repair and dehumidify the masonry, enable proper ventilation, and last but not least clean and repair the wooden ceiling, currently threatened by dry rot and wood-destroying insects, as quickly as possible.

You can find the complete report including photographs here (Czech only): stavebni-pruzkum-2019.pdf