And yet there will be Restlicht/Remains of Light!

As in many other cases the covid-19 crisis has brought changes to our plans for cultural events in Pacov this year. The highlight of which was supposed to be a temporary exhibition of an object of a canopy by the Czech-German sculptor Werner Mally.

The May launch had to be postponed and is now foreseen for May next year when it will be accompanied by a number of cultural events of which we will inform you in due course.

In the meantime we are publishing a short text explaining the concept of this original artistic object. We also include photographs of some places where Restlicht has already been exhibited including Mikulov in Moravia.

We are looking forward to welcoming you next year in May in Pacov for the launch of Restlicht!

“A baldachin, like the marriage canopy, the chuppah; a roof like the roof of a sukkah topped with branches and leaves through which the stars can be seen – these are the sacred, portable shelters that this commemorative sculpture suggests. The sky is also visible through this steel roof structure supported by four pillars. In this case not through foliage and not through fabric, but through small drilled holes. Perforated into the steel plate of the roof are the fateful years 1938 to 1945. But not just any old how, they are made to look like tattoos! Light falls through each of these holes onto the visitors standing below in the shade of the canopy. It is the way in which the light falls on the visitors like the prick of a tattoo needle that makes this place so special.”

(Excerpt from Joanne Wieland-Burston´s text entitled RESTLICHT (Zbytek svetla)

Werner Mally born in 1955 narozen in Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia
1980 – 84 Studied sculpture at Munich Art Academy with SirEduard Paolozzi
1984 – 85 Studied sculpture at Vienna Academy with Bruno Gironcoli
Lives and works in Munich