Living Memory of Pacov

A public talk with Nelly Prezma née Guttmann
Ms Nelly Prezma née Guttmann’s will talk on the holocaust and life in pre-war Pacov on Thursday June 8 in the main hall of the Pacov château from 6pm on. A survivor of Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps, the daughter of the last Pacov rabbi is the last living witness of the local Jewish history.

History of the Jews in Pacov

Written by Jan Zoubek – Archiver, Pacov – [1934]

Translated by Daniela Hogan and Dr Eva Horn
Edited by Lois Goldrich and Rhonda Roth

It is not easy to say when, and from where, the first Jews came to Pacov; and I regret the lack of information that would shed light on the hidden past. However, it is certain that Jews lived in Pacov years before we can see actual evidence of their presence there.

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We got on really well with everyone

Nelly Prezma née Guttmannová talks about her childhood in Pacov in the interwar Czechoslovakia

Nelly Prezma née Guttmannová (90) recalls her childhood in Pacov before World War II, the transportation of the local Jewish residents to concentration camps, and her return to Czechoslovakia after the war. The interview was conducted by Eva Sobotka in Israel where Ms Prezmah lives since 1948.

Also published by the Z mého kraje monthly in May 2017, and in an abridged form by the Pelhřimovský deník daily on January 27, 2017 (both Czech only). Continue reading

Daughter of the last Pacov rabbi now lives in Israel

On January 13, 2017, the local daily newspaper Pelhřimovský deník published an article about Ms Nelly Prezma née Guttmann. A holocaust survivor, the daughter of the last Pacov rabbi was among the residents transported to Theresienstadt concentration camp in November 1942. Available here (Czech only).