All proceeds of our activities go towards the restoration of the historic synagogue in Pacov, Czech Republic. You can find more about the town and synagogue here.


Synagogue Ideas

Discussing Future Use of the Pacov Synagogue

4 Aug synagogue and chateau main hall, Pacov, 9am to 4pm

9.45–11am Tobiáš Smolík: Columbaria, Clubhouses, Fairgrounds: Current Faces and Roles of the Jewish Museums
11.15am–12.15pm Michal Arend: Can Former Pacov Synagogue Remain One Even When There Are No Jews in Pacov and Surrounds Anymore?
12.30–2pm: Lunch break
2.15–3.45pm Pavel Tychtl: 20th Century History of Pacov Jews in the Light of Newly Discovered Sources

5–6pm: Synagogue tour

The chateau hall doors open at 9am. There will be a chance to try traditional Jewish meals and kosher wines during discussion.