History of the Pacov Jewish Community

By Karel Vošta

Originally published by the Z mého kraje monthly in September 2018.

Taxation lists dating from 1570 and a quote from a Jewish person most likely represents the first mention of a Jewish presence in Pacov. In the mid-17th century nine Jewish men, young and old, were mentioned by name but no women were included. In addition, a man “teaching children” was quoted. This documents that the growing Pacov Jewish community tried to ensure education of their religion through a teacher or rabbi and a cantor, who led the singing of religious texts in the prayer room. Often, these roles were conducted by one person. In the 19th century, the Pacov Jewish community had already built a synagogue and also a mikveh (bath), and school where children were taught in German.
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History of the Jews in Pacov

Written by Jan Zoubek – Archiver, Pacov – [1934]

Translated by Daniela Hogan and Dr Eva Horn
Edited by Lois Goldrich and Rhonda Roth

It is not easy to say when, and from where, the first Jews came to Pacov; and I regret the lack of information that would shed light on the hidden past. However, it is certain that Jews lived in Pacov years before we can see actual evidence of their presence there.

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