Dear Friends of Tikkun Pacov Synagogue Association,

Only three years ago in 2017, following two years of informal awareness raising to save Pacov Synagogue, Tikkun Pacov was established as a registered charity. A great deal has happened since then. First and foremost, Tikkun Pacov successfully raised the funds needed to purchase the synagogue from the previous private owner who used it for storage, and took ownership. This was followed by thorough archaeological research revealing several precious historic finds. Tikkun Pacov also had the synagogue building registered as a cultural heritage site. 

This essential chapter in the life of Pacov Synagogue could never have happened without the engagement and commitment of the Executive Board of Tikkun Pacov – Daniela Orlando, Zuzana Krulichova and Leona Stejskalova. A big thank you for their courage in embarking on an adventure into the unknown, and for leading the way on the path to a better future for Pacov Synagogue.

The Executive Board membership changed in August 2020, with myself as the new chair, Karen Koblitz whose great-great-grandparents are from Pacov and who lives in California, as deputy chair, and Eva Sobotka, an expert in Holocaust remembrance and human rights, as the third member of the Executive Board.

So, where do we go from here? Firstly, we have to advance with the much-needed renovation of Pacov Synagogue. This depends on available funding. Applications have been submitted to Norway Grants and the Czech-German Future Fund, with the outcome foreseen by end 2020. Many thanks to Michal Arend, chair of Cernovice Jewish Memorial Association, for his support and drafting skills. If successful, we will start the renovation work in 2021. 

As for my motivation, my ancestors were farmers from the Pacov area, and experienced all the upheavals of modern Czech history, including confiscation of their property and expulsion in the case of my great-grandfather. We do not have Jewish roots but I was always passionate about local history, including the history of our Jewish neighbours. My relatives still remember the empty seats at school when their Jewish classmates were deported during the Nazi occupation. Hardly anyone survived. 

I have always believed in the moral obligation to keep the memory of our Jewish neighbours alive, so they don’t die twice, and are not erased from local history. This is why I became involved with Pacov Synagogue.

It is my hope that more and more people will support us in different ways. We can accomplish our dream only with the help of the entire community. We need to heal the wounds and step in as a compassionate community with the right moral compass. 

I look forward to working with the members of Tikkun Pacov Synagogue Association and with everyone who is interested and willing to support our efforts.

Lest we forget, 


The synagogue in 2019 and our plans for 2020

Updated version of an article originally published by the Z mého kraje monthly in January 2020.

The Tikkun (Hebrew for repair) Pacov Synagogue Association purchased the former Pacov synagogue, located downtown behind the Crystalis bottling plant (where a small park used to be), at the very end of 2018 with funds provided by private donors and municipal aid. The NGO run by local and out-of-town people was established in order to save this important 200-year-old building within the Pacov urban heritage area from falling apart and to use the future renovated synagogue as both a reminder of our former fellow citizens who perished during the Holocaust and a meeting place/educational and cultural venue.

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Structural survey confirms poor condition of synagogue

A floor probe conducted during the structural survey.

A floor probe conducted during the structural survey.

The Brno company Průzkumy staveb conducted a structural survey of the former Pacov synagogue on 20th November 2019 as part of the preparations for an emergency action. The survey was done in order to assess overall conditions of the masonry, flooring, and roof of the synagogue as well as the composition of an additional ferroconcrete ceiling structure installed in the 1960s. A thorough inspection was necessary here and the results are valuable, although not exactly uplifting.

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Synagogue Ideas

Dear friends, please accept our cordial invitation to a public discussion about the future use of the Pacov synagogue which is taking place on Sunday, 4th August 2019, inside the synagogue and main hall of the Pacov chateau. Full schedule can be found here.
There will be free accommodation available in the local high school building (bring your own sleeping bags and mats) for a limited number of persons. You can also book your stay elsewhere in town:
We are looking forward to see you in Pacov. RSVP at

synagogue ideas

One of the prayer book fragments we found while exploring the synagogue attic in January and March 2019. This page from Genesis, end of chapter 24, includes verses about a new beginning after a period of grief.

Pacov synagogue will be open to public in August. To arrange your visit please call: 00 32 474 307 130.

Our Fundraising Campaign Is Entering Its Second Phase

On Wednesday, 19th December 2018, we have successfully reached the goal of the first phase of our fundraising campaign thanks to a subsidy granted by the Pacov municipal government. Private individuals donated CZK 839,000 altogether while the Pacov municipality contributed the final CZK 111,000. Later that day the Tikkun Pacov Synagogue Association became the owner of the synagogue, having transferred the total sum of CZK 950,000 into escrow and signed the contract of purchase. Our ownership was officially entered in the Czech land register on Thursday, 17th January 2019, when we also collected the house key.

The synagogue is now free to be restored in a dignified way worthy of one of the most significant Jewish landmarks in Pacov. We are happy to embark on this journey and hope you will keep us company throughout its course.

Thank you to everyone who supported our fundraising campaign and our efforts to save the Pacov synagogue. We wish you as auspicious 2019 as it will surely be for the Pacov synagogue.

You can of course still contribute towards running costs of our association, which is going to manage the synagogue, and first and foremost towards synagogue restoration. Your help is invaluable to us and will be very grateful for any support.