Jewish communities all over the world are honored to have Torah scrolls from Pacov

American artist and teacher Karen Koblitz talks about her Czech roots

Karen (left) with cousin Beth in front of Julia Koblitz née Meller’s grave at the Baxter Cemetery, Cleveland.

My name is Karen Koblitz and I am a native of Los Angeles, California. I am an artist that works mainly in ceramics and an Associate Professor of Fine Arts, Head of Ceramics in the Roski School of Art & Design at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. My family heritage is Eastern European; Russian, Bohemian and Austro-Hungarian. I am married, my husband, Alan Friedenberg is a retired Elementary School Principal and we have one daughter, Gina, who is a university student, a senior at the University of Southern California studying Spanish and Psychology.

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Nelly Prezma’s visit to Pacov

We are greatly honoured to have met Nelly in our lovely town, where she spent her childhood as a daughter of the local rabbi. Nelly is a wonderful lady full of zest, optimism, and genuine wisdom. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet again one day and enjoy the sight of a renovated synagogue!

We got on really well with everyone

Nelly Prezma née Guttmannová talks about her childhood in Pacov in the interwar Czechoslovakia

Nelly Prezma née Guttmannová (90) recalls her childhood in Pacov before World War II, the transportation of the local Jewish residents to concentration camps, and her return to Czechoslovakia after the war. The interview was conducted by Eva Sobotka in Israel where Ms Prezmah lives since 1948.

Also published by the Z mého kraje monthly in May 2017, and in an abridged form by the Pelhřimovský deník daily on January 27, 2017 (both Czech only). Continue reading